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DG Schell has been helping folks just like you to become land owners for over 50 years! Today, DG Schell and his sons continue to make dreams of land ownership a reality.


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Rose Hollow

119 Vine Lane, Elkhorn City, KY 41522

North Fork Farms

2805 Bridgeville Rd, Brooksville, KY 41004
Zero Money Down

Johnson Creek Farms

323 Gayle Gorge Road, Mount Olivet, KY 41064
Zero Money Down

Bear Wallow Farms

7157 Polecat Pike, Maysville, KY 41056
Zero Money Down
$ 31,500 - $ 42,500

Gravel Lick Branch

450 Gravel Lick Branch Rd, Waco, KY 40385
Zero Money Down