If you choose to purchase the property with owner financing, your mortgage will contain a restriction that prohibits you from constructing or installing a residential dwelling on the property while your loan is outstanding. This does not mean you are purchasing a property that cannot be used for residential purposes, rather it only means that the property cannot be used for residential purposes while the owner financing is in place. This typically does not affect our customers from using the property the way they intended.

Customers who do purchase land with the intention to build a home typically finance the construction or purchase of the dwelling through a third-party lender such as a bank or credit union. If you obtain a loan from a bank or credit union to build your home (cabin, house, mobile home), the lender will require you to give both the land and home as collateral for the mortgage. This means that your lender will usually pay off the owner-financing loan and will provide financing for both the land and the improvements you intend to construct or purchase.

In addition, the land can be used for recreational purposes while the property is subject to the owner-financed mortgage. Many of our customers place RVs, campers, pole barns or other recreational structures on the property that can be used for weekend getaways. Please be sure to verify that the location you are interested in purchasing does not have deed or county restrictions that prohibit an RV or camper.

If you are paying cash for the land, then it can be used for residential purposes immediately upon taking ownership. If you are borrowing from a third-party to finance your purchase of land, please consult with your lender to determine what conditions or restrictions are applicable to your loan.

  • For each property on our website we have provided the tools necessary to determine the geographical location. There is a detailed map, survey plat, aerial map, topographic, and Google maps.
  • Directions can be obtained by entering your starting address in the “Get Directions” located below the Google maps. The directions will provide the latitude/longitude parameters which can be useful to those who have a GPS system available.
  • When viewing one of our properties, we recommend that you take the plats and maps that are available on our website. Another useful tool is a basic handheld GPS system which can interact with mapping software on a laptop or handheld device. This will provide a fully functioning multi-color interactive GPS system. In such a system, the latitude/longitude measurements provided in the “Get Directions” can be entered to find the exact location. It may be difficult to locate the property relying only on the maps from our website due to the lack of detailed information on what is surrounding the property.
  • All of our properties are clearly marked with a sign that states the acreage amount and lot number. In addition, if the property has been surveyed by a licensed contractor then there are PVC post at each corner pin.
  • Our properties are professionally bush-hogged with a John Deere 6110 so you can see what you are buying. We clean up as much of the land as possible with our farm tractor so you don’t have to.
  • For our larger acreage tracts, we can drive you over the property on our Kawasaki Mule. We would be happy to setup a private showing for any of our properties. Call us any day of the week at 1 (877) 331-4888.

You may cut trees for the purpose of clearing a driveway or garden. If you plan on selling the timber, written permission from the developer must be obtained. If we grant permission while holding a mortgage, we will require the money received to go towards your loan balance. The trees are considered a part of the mortgage. Timber companies are required (by a higher authority than us) to contact the mortgage holder to get permission as well.

When it comes to mineral rights the rules and regulations can vary for each state. We are not experts pertaining to this matter. All the information we have on the property is included on the listing page. We recommend you call the county assessor’s office and provide them with the APN to obtain additional information. If you do not see a phone number for the assessor’s office in the listing, you can find it in the State and County Agencies section of our website.

Most of our pictures are the actual property. Although our inventory changes so often it is hard to provide photos of every parcel of land available. That is why a site visit is required before purchasing from us. Pictures are great, but they do not replace actually viewing the property.

Each parcel of land is unique, and usage restrictions may vary. All the information we have on the property is included on the listing page.

Unless specified in the posting, there are no time limits in which an owner must build on the property.

Yes, you may buy multiple properties; however we reserve the right to restrict any buyer from entering into too many loan agreements. The amount that can be purchased by an individual can vary and depends on that person’s financial strength.

Yes, as the down payment increases the interest rate decreases. A larger down payment will save you interest expense and lower the monthly payment. We have flexible financing packages to fit your needs. Our goal is to make payments affordable to fit your budget. In addition, extra payments can be made without a pre-payment penalty or fee.

We are committed to your 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied we are not satisfied. If you change your mind for any reason prior to taking title to the property, we will void the purchase agreement and return your deposit for the exception of any monies we have spent on credit checks and documents for the closing. No questions asked!

You can choose to finance the property thru us or any lender of your choice. We encourage you to shop for the best financing arrangement possible. In fact, we can provide you with a referral list of lenders that provide loans on Land.

Most of what we sell is raw land, which means it is completely undeveloped and has no buildings or any physical structures on it. If you want to learn more about the terrain or features of the land that are not provided in our description, you should use the Assessor’s Parcel Number to call the county assessor’s office and obtain additional specifics. If you do not see a phone number for the assessor’s office in the listing, you can find it in the State and County Agencies section of our website.

Basically, we acquire quality properties in large quantities and in turn offer them to the ultimate property owner–YOU. There are a variety of different resources that we obtain these properties.

If In-House Financing is being provided, you will need a $400 deposit at the time the purchase agreement is written. The down payment is due at the time of closing, which takes place within 21 days. Once the parcel of land is closed the first monthly payment will be due in 30 days.

You can pay off your property at any time with no pre-payment penalty whatsoever. Just call us at 1 (877) 331-4888 and we will let you know your pay-off amount.

YES, we strongly recommend that you do an onsite inspection of the property before purchasing. We will do our best to tell you everything we know, but nothing replaces the value of doing your own research and due diligence.

  • For monthly payments we accept Cash, Personal Checks, Business Checks, and Electronic Fund Transfers.
  • Payments can be mailed to: 508 Farrell Drive Fort Wright, KY 41011
  • To make an Electronic Fund Transfer for a one-time payment or to setup an automatic monthly withdrawal, go to Make Payment.
  • A percolation test determines the absorption rate of the soil for a septic drain field or “leach field”. The results of this test are required to properly design a septic system. In its broadest terms, percolation testing is simply observing how quickly a known volume of water dissipates into the subsoil of a drilled hole of known surface area. While every jurisdiction will have its own laws regarding the exact calculations for the length of line, depth of pit, etc., the testing procedures are the same.
  • The percolation test has not been completed on most of our properties. The reason is because we are selling large parcels of land and we do not know where the home will be placed. It is necessary to know the placement of the home in order to test the appropriate area. The percolation test can be conducted prior to purchasing the property if the buyer desires to know what type of system is necessary.

APNs, or Assessor’s Parcel Number, are assigned to real estate to identify and track property. In the U.S., APNs are typically assigned by the local taxing authority, such as the city or county within which the property is located. Maps showing the parcel numbers are maintained in map books by the county assessor.

  • The legal description of land, or a parcel of land, is the exact location of the parcel of land according to an established system. The description is legally sufficient if a competent surveyor can locate the parcel of land using that description. If someone is interested in conveying property to another person, there needs to be a detailed way of describing the boundaries of the property. A typical street address is not legally sufficient as it does not describe the boundaries of the property, only the general location.
  • There are three systems currently used to legally describe property. The first is the “Metes and Bounds” system. This system uses permanent landmarks with “Metes” (distance and direction) and “Bounds” (a boundary object – a tree, a road, a creek, etc.). The surveyor would have a particular “Point of Beginning”. Then the surveyor would use measured distances and compass directions (metes) to describe the boundaries of the property, proceeding in a uniform direction around the property and ending back at the “Point of Beginning”.
  • The next system is the “Rectangular Survey System”. This system uses Meridian (North and South lines) and Base (East and West lines) lines to create a grid. The grid is broken down into 6 mile by 6 mile blocks called “Townships”. These townships are further divided into 1 by 1 mile blocks called sections. A parcel of land is described by using township names and section numbers, then specific portions of each section. For example “the North West ¼ of the 14th section of Newtown Township”.
  • The last system of legally describing land is the “Lot and Block” system. Almost all modern subdivisions use this system. A surveyor creates a “Plat Map” that shows the dimensions of each property. A plat map will also show any easements used by the utility companies and the governing municipality for the property.

Most of our properties are zoned either residential or agricultural. Some rural properties have no zoning at all. Please check with the county for the zoning status.

We use a standard Purchase Agreement for vacant land which lays out the terms of the transaction including the sale price, the financing arrangement, the deposit amount, and other pertinent details common in such a document.

The way property taxes are billed varies from state to state. Generally, the property taxes are sent to whoever the owner of record was on January 1 of each year. Usually after the property is transferred we will get the first tax bill. We will make payment directly to the county and send you a copy of the tax statement along with a bill for your pro-rated share that you will have to reimburse us for. The next year, you will receive the bill directly from the county and will be responsible for paying it. The property taxes are not included in the mortgage payment.

A complete list of our Land is found in the Properties section on our website. Specific information such as maps, pricing, and regional information is available for each location. We want to provide you with the best information available to make an informed decision when buying land.

We are located in Fort Wright, KY. Visit our Contact page to obtain detailed directions.

Our 5 Easy Steps to Purchase Land is straightforward and hassle free. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us any day of the week at (877) 331-4888 and we will be happy to help you. We are a full service land company and are committed to outstanding customer service.

All properties sold through this website are owned by DGS Development, Ltd unless otherwise stated. It must be specifically noted that DGSchell.com is not a real estate brokerage company, but only a marketplace and brand name through which these properties are being sold by the Seller directly to the Buyer as a “For Sale by Owner” transaction. However, we do hold a real estate broker’s license.

It is very simple…you want to buy a piece of land and we want to sell it to you! Our goal is to make land ownership possible for everybody. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to own and buy Land, and we treat you as if you have an A+ credit rating. Even bankruptcies are okay. Many people with bad credit use us as a way to repair their credit. We do not report to credit agencies, but we will provide a good reference if payments are made timely. For more information go to our In-House Financing page.

Absolutely not!

At DGSchell our “no pressure” policy is always in effect. Our prime properties practically sell themselves. We won’t be hounding you to buy. However, our friendly representatives are always available to take your call and answer any questions you might have and we welcome those calls. Be assured you’ll always be treated with respect and there will be absolutely no pressure to buy. References are also available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-331-4888 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.

In a lease with the option to purchase (aka lease-option), a property owner and a tenant agree that, at the end of a specified rental period for a given property, the renter has the option of purchasing the property. The purchase price is agreed upon at the time of executing the lease-option. The tenant pays the property owner a monthly lease payment during the lease period. A portion of the monthly payment is considered a rent credit and applied to the purchase price. This allows the tenant to build equity in the property during the lease period. At the end of the lease-option term, the deed to the property is transferred to the tenant if the option is exercised. The tenant may but is not required to use the DG Schell financing program to purchase the property. The benefits of the DG Schell financing program are easy approval, low closing cost and no prepayment penalties.

At the time of exercising the option, the rent credit will be applied toward the purchase price of the property. For example, if a tenant made 24 monthly lease payments that include a $200 monthly rent credit on a purchase price of $59,500, then the amount owed on the property at the time of exercising the option is $54,700. The balance owed to purchase the property can be financed with DG Schell or any other financing source that the tenant may choose.