D.G. Schell provides many resources on our website so that you can make an informed decision when buying Land. These are the same resources that we use when purchasing large quantities of Land. The following is what we recommended when going to view one of our properties.

There are several different types of plats for each property, such as a detailed map, survey plat, aerial map, topographic, and Google maps. These plats are available on our website for each property.

Directions can be obtained by going to the property listing. Find the “Get Directions” located under the Google maps. Then enter your current location and detailed directions will be provided to the property.

For IPAD users, Cabelas Mapping has a free application with many different types of maps. Or if you have a basic handheld GPS system, it can interact with mapping software on a laptop or handheld device. Don’t worry if you are not technology savvy. You will still be able to find the property. These are just helpful items if you have them.

All of our properties are clearly marked with a sign that states the acreage amount and lot number.

The corner pins are identified on the survey plat for each parcel with a black dot. When you are actually at the property, be sure to have the survey plat with you and look for PVC post that are standing about four feet tall. These post are located next to each of the corner pins. We try to make it easy to find the boundaries so you know exactly what is being purchased.

Our properties are professionally bush-hogged with a John Deere 6110 so you can actually see what you are buying. We clean up as much as possible with our farm tractor so you don’t have to.

We would love to help you find the perfect piece of land. For our larger acreage tracts, we will drive you over the property on our Kawasaki Mule. Although if you would prefer to view the property on your own that is okay too.